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뉴데일리뉴스- 박진호 기자 (2020.12.17) click

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조선일보 "3D 프린터로 '암 오가노이드' 제작...환자 맞춤형 치료제 개발 빨라질 듯"

조선일보-유지한 기자 (2020.7.16) click

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[Awards] Yunji Lee has received 'Excellent poster presentation award' at the 21st annual meeting of Korean Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society(KTERMS) 2020

[Awards] Ju An Park has received 'Excellent academic award' at 2019 Fall conference of The Korean Society for Biomaterials

[Awards] Woojo Kim has received 'Excellent Trainee Award' at IEEE IFETC 2019

[Awards] Sanghoon Baek has received Best Poster Paper Award at The Korean Society of Medical & Biological Engineering

[Graduation] Jimin Kwon and Hyunjin Park have received doctorates at the graduation ceremony

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